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Job Title: Geomechanics Research Analyst

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Foreign equivalent in electronics engineering

Experience 2 years of relevant experience  

Duties: Develop solution-focused test programs based on client requirements, budget and quality of core. Analyze static and dynamic experimental results of unconventional and conventional test programs and integrate data with multiple well logs for reservoir characterization and generation of 1D MEM.  Use integrated data and provide geomechanic solutions to clients, such as Wellbore stability, Hydraulic fracture design, san production, fluid compatibility and subsidence/ compaction analysis. Mathematical modeling and experimental data analysis of unsteady state permeability I unconventional samples using super-critical fluids. Develop hydraulic fracture design and fracture models using Frack Optima in unconventional taking anisotropy, out of plane fracture growth and stress shadows unto account. Develop Python code and user interface for plasticity based wellbore stability in combination with probability analysis, taking mechanical property uncertainties into account. Implement a mathematical model to predict fines and sand production in conventionals using Python.

To Apply: Send resume to Outsource Research Consulting, Inc. (Attn: HR)

 2703 Highway 6 S., Suite 280-B; Houston, TX

Informative Interview
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